Quinta de Santa Rosa on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal, features three unique Azores rentals for the perfect Azorean Vacation.
Quinta de Santa Rosa on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal,  features three unique Azores rentals for the perfect Azorean Vacation
History of Quinta de Santa Rosa
Quinta de Santa Rosa is now approximately 11 acre private estate, but it was originally part of an estate that was several hundred acres. There were originally working orchards for oranges, limes, pears and chestnut trees. The property is situated on the hillside near the ocean port. Look outs used to be situated to watch for the freight ships. This would allow them to know when to start picking the crop to be shipped, assuring the freshest product with the highest yield.

In 1640 the chapel for Santa Rosa de Viterbo. Santa Rosa was born 1234 in Viterbo, Italy and died at age 17 on March 6, 1252. Born of poor and pious parents, Rose was remarkable for holiness and for her miraculous powers from her earliest years. At age three she brought her maternal aunt back from death. Rosa preached in the streets from age ten. She help the friendship of birds. Rosa was repeatedly refused entrance to the convent. Rosa went to Vitorchiano, whose inhabitants had been perverted by a famous sorceress. Rose secured the conversion of all, even of the sorceress, by standing unscathed for three hours in the flames of a burning pyre. The process of her canonization was opened in that year by Innocent IV, but was not definitively undertaken until 1457. Her feast is celebrated on September 4th, when her body, still incorrupt, is carried in procession through Viterbo, Italy. The celebration of her life is also celebrated every year on September 4th at Quinta de Santa Rosa de Viterbo in Livramento, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal. The chapel has witnessed several weddings and baptisms.

The Manor house was built over the chapel in 1730. The property included two jails, winery, greenhouses, formal gardens, and much more. What is now the Apartamento Grande was formally the winery. The courtyard was and still is accessible via horse drawn carriage. For many decades the estate was used as a 'Summer home' for the wealthy São Miguel family that had major land holdings and influence over the entire island. The most recent patriarch of the original family was Dona Clara. Dona Clara was an amazing women with a great sense of family, country and faith. Dona Clara was baptized and married in the Chapel of Quinta de Santa Rosa.

Today you can feel the same elegance and opulent experience of the wealthy elite of the island of São Miguel.

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We feature three unique rental opportunities on the beautiful island of Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal.  Visit Quinta de Santa Rosa for the perfect Azorean Vacation and choose from one of three rental options - the Manor house, the large apartment, or the small apartment.  All offer a unique island experience in a gated estate with formal gardens.